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Disability discrimination

All people are born equal, as Abraham Lincoln said in one of his speeches. In front of God everyone is equal and so it should be in the society where we live. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world devoid of immorality, although most people would claim to be moral. Due to this and the lack of logic of some people, the society shows its defects and some people suffer.

Disability is a physical, a psychological or a mental condition that limits a person's activities. Unfortunately, not all people are created equal in point of view of physical or mental endowment from mother nature. Also, throughout life people may suffer injuries which may leave them with certain physical, psychological or mental disabilities.

Unfortunately the society concerns the disabled as being useless to it, but people don’t realize how wrong they are. Regarding to it, I can say that I have a friend who is physically disabled, but he has overcame this disability. You cannot imagine how a person with semi-paralysis on the left side can run, even more than that he can play football and can handle successfully in most daily situations. For the fact that he could exceed his limits, I appreciate him enormously. But he is one of many examples in which disabled people exceeded their limits, limits which people without disabilities often are unable to accomplish.

In the last decades more and more states have promulgated laws that prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities and at the same time to ensure access to public transport or in certain buildings. I am so happy for these people that things are changing in the better way.

As mentioned earlier, it is against the law to discriminate against disabled people.

So, if disability discrimination takes place in any of the following situations, you may be able to take action about it:

• at work,

• in education,

• in case of renting or buying a property,

• in the case of providing goods, facilities or services, etc.

There are several important areas where the law do not condemn discrimination against disabled people, for example, in  access to public transport services. But I notice that they are trying to facilitate their access to public transport.

People are starting to evolve, to not look upon those in difficulty as a burden to society. Despite numerous cases reported in the press, society becomes more tolerant, more understanding and more show their love for those in need.

Disabled people are an example of optimism and exceeding their limits, for all of us.

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