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Gender equality

It is said that all men are born equal, but different religions and cultures developed over several centuries give more rights or different rights to a specific gender (usually to males).

Over time it was created a world where men dominated society and the women's position in society was overshadowed. There have been and still are misogynistic views that create stereotypes regarding women, but they are becoming more rare day by day and the world is moving towards a normal direction.

After all in supporting of the society women contribute in a different way than men, which cannot be compared due to the evolution of professions that haven’t facilitated women's access or due to the evolution of roles in society. For example, within the family is said that the man is the head of it, but sociological theories show that the man's decision-making power is exercised for a short period of time while a woman's decision-making power is exercised over a long period, which indicates the important role that the woman has a within the family and in building a healthy society.

Even if starting with the twentieth century women have become increasingly present in the labour market, there have not been removed traditional household tasks that they used to do. It is known that nowadays, women, regardless of profession, participate in greater extent in the household activities. But it is observed a change in this matter and the participation of men is becoming increasingly higher in the household activities, which may result in an equalization of opportunities between men and women in many areas of life.

If in the traditional societies women do not have their own status, being conditioned by the husband’s status, nowadays, in a modern societies, women can have their own social status. From this result a greater power of decision in society, namely the family, situation that can lead to family instability because of the roles changes within the family. But this depends only on the extent to which the couple partners create a balance in terms of responsibilities within the family.

If not so long ago a profession was considered to be dedicated exclusively to one gender, now this preconception has been changed and continues to be changed. In this sense we can assist to a women football match, and almost all sports are dedicated to both genders. As for football matches I can say that women are more fair play than men in sports.

Since 1957, the equality between men and women is one of the fundamental values ​​of the European Union. In 2010, the EU opened the European Institute for Gender Equality to promote gender equality and to fight against this form of discrimination.

The European Union registered notable progress in equality between the sexes, thereby changing the lives of many European citizens in a good way.

Among this progress, we can mention the increasing number of women in the labour market and the progresses achieved by them to ensure a higher quality of education and training. However, differences remain in the labour market, women being paid less than men, mainly due to the work done in less paid sectors and in smaller representation in decision-making positions. For example, in the European labor market are only 14% of ambassadors, 9% of university deans, 3% of managers of big companies and 2% of ministers are women, and they earn on average 2 euros less per hour than men.

I think we should reanalyse the position of women in society, and overcome by force of reason any kind of religious, cultural or other differentiations regarding the gender and  not only. After all we are equal in front of God and we should consider all people as equal to us regardless of their gender and not only.

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