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Birth and baptism

The first and the most important event in human’s life is his own birth. All over the world, birth took a special significance, so people protected the custom in which the family and the entire community take part. There are many traditions that have been lost over time, but there are still traditions and customs that are kept scrupulously.

Category: English | Views: 763 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 23.02.2014

Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Days are celebrated in honor of all the grandmothers and grandfathers. Due to the fact that in Romania we don’t celebrate Grandparents’ Day, I decided to focus on the way of celebrating those days in different countries.

Category: English | Views: 497 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 10.02.2014

In people's lives, love could not be unnoticed and without traditions regarded to it. Love means creation, a feeling that exists from the beginning of mankind. God created us as a proof of his love and He planted deep in our hearts this wonderful feeling.

Category: English | Views: 400 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 04.02.2014

Winter is the period of the year when nature seems to be asleep. However, traditions and customs are numerous and various during this period.

Unfortunately many traditions are increasingly hard kept, being one of the globalization’s effects.

Category: English | Views: 464 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 14.01.2014

On 18th December youth conduced an interview connected with Christmas. The interview took place in the Commune Center of Culture and Ecology in Plichtów because of EVS project "Echoes of Europe". For the questions respond women who live in Nowosolna Commune - Ms Halina Żaromińska, Ms Helena Kałuda, Ms Barbara Fils and Ms Regina Piątkowska.

Category: English | Views: 399 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 07.01.2014

One of the most important Christian holiday – Christmas is celebrated by billions of people around the world on one day of December 25th, January 6th or January 7th each year.

Category: English | Views: 484 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 27.12.2013

Saint Andrew’s celebration combines pre-Christian and Christian traditions and customs, which are manifested nowadays in Romania and in other countries.

Category: English | Views: 452 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 05.12.2013

November 11, 2013 marks the 95 years since Poland regained the independence after 123 years in which Poland was absent from the map of Europe.

Category: English | Views: 427 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 14.11.2013

All Saints Day (in Latin Sollemnitas Omnium Sanctorum) is a Christian holiday when people are celebrating all saints.

Category: English | Views: 523 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 04.11.2013

On 13th August youth realized an interview connected with Harvest Festival and other issues related to the differences between generations. The interview took place in the Commune Centre of Culture and Ecology in Plichtów because of EVS project „Echoes of Europe”. For the questions respond women who live in Nowosolna Commune and are associated with Singing Band „Byszewianie”: Ms Halina Żaromińska, Ms Helena Kałuda and Ms Barbara Fils.

Category: English | Views: 358 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 20.09.2013

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