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Rights belong to all of us, there’re no doubts. However, they cannot be restricted due to some issues such as race, sex, language, religion, political beliefs, national or social origin.

English | Views: 360 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 14.02.2014

All people are born equal, as Abraham Lincoln said in one of his speeches. In front of God everyone is equal and so it should be in the society where we live. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world devoid of immorality, although most people would claim to be moral. Due to this and the lack of logic of some people, the society shows its defects and some people suffer.

English | Views: 372 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 13.01.2014

It is said that all men are born equal, but different religions and cultures developed over several centuries give more rights or different rights to a specific gender (usually to males).

English | Views: 352 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 18.12.2013

Inspired by nature, man has adopted as supreme goal of being free in this world.

By discovering the fire, adopting the agriculture, inventing the wheel and many others, the man tried to become independent in his relation with the environment. At the same time, using these progresses that man has done, he could know the infinite universe, in which he can travel not only in each part of this planet, but also in Universe.

English | Views: 317 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 11.10.2013 | Comments (1)

Anti-Semitism is a form of discrimination manifested by a hostile attitude against the Jews, by the simple fact that they are Hebrew. People who practice this form of racism are called anti-Semites.

The term "anti-Semitism" appeared for the first time in 1879, in an anti-Semitic propaganda brochure of the German journalist, Wilhelm Marr.

English | Views: 349 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 11.10.2013 | Comments (0)

In this world, people around the world are discriminated by other people, but in my opinion racism is the most popular and the most aggressive in the same time. Because of that I think that this type of discrimination is the most dangerous from all of them.

English | Views: 395 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 25.07.2013 | Comments (0)

In the beginning of this article we must define what means xenophobe. This word is composed by two Greek words: xenos = stranger, foreigner, and phobos = fear; which in free translation will mean fear of strangers.

Xenophobia is one of the forms of discrimination consisted of irrational and excessive fear and hate against everything which is strange (people, places, culture and objects). Racism and homophobia can be two examples of xenophobe.

English | Views: 366 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 26.04.2013 | Comments (0)

When I pronounce or hear the word woman, inside of me starts to develop an image of finesse and tenderness, qualities with which these  angelic beings are endowed, or the image of a sweet smile that can ward off the worst winter, or it can make me feel again the emotion of love. But this attempt to define the feeling connected with this word (woman) will have as result a long string of descriptions which can make myself to be lost among the thousands of words …

English | Views: 336 | Added by: Ciprian | Date: 13.03.2013 | Comments (0)